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January 2017


Attribution – The Start of a Conversation

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by: Jon Lamb 

The challenge with digital marketing is trying to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Like so many other buzz words that fly around our industry, Attribution is already suffering from overuse and failed application.  First it was reputation management, then social media, followed by a brief push for VDPs, localized SEO, etc, yet we’re still trying to prove ROI. As an industry, until we stop using advances in marketing technology as an opportunity to build yet another siloed, commoditized product, but rather develop an open and transparent B2C stack, the overspending and misuse of digital media will continue.

As a company, we were the first to provide transactional attribution from an unknown online consumer.  And we did this without using or implementing tracking pixels, tags, form submittals and cookies of any kind.  As is common with most new solutions, some may question our approach, as it challenges traditional thinking and widely accepted beliefs. Our attempt to define attribution at first touch, multi-touch, and last touch actually clouds standardized reporting and allows for biased interpretation if not fully understood.

We did not design and file a patent in an attempt to show the value or effectiveness of one vendor over another.  Following our ethos, our self-imposed mission was to, for the first time, provide retailers with the transactional value of the audience that’s using their marketing platform/site. We did not build Transparency for specific publisher, SEM marketer, or social media agency; we built it for the automotive industry and all verticals that have difficulty defining the value of their unknown online audience. Attribution starts the conversation.  How we as an industry choose to apply our technology will determine its impact and ability to advance automotive retailing.