Our Story

Why Transparency?

It’s Simple.

TRANSPARENCY is about Trust and Confidence.  It defines who we are and what we hope to provide for our clients and partners every single day.  We provide previously unknown insights that drive collaboration, cooperation and collective reasoning – without bias.

Even though we’re a technology company, our most valuable resource is our team of hard working, energetic individuals from varied backgrounds, all working and collaborating together as we grow.

Executive team

Jon Lamb


Father, Founder, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Accredited Angel Investor. Lover of tech and hater of injustice. Family first. Patent Filed for Offline Transactional Attribution.  20+ years experience working to innovate and drive positive change.  San Francisco/Miami

Darren Haygood

President, COO

Husband, Father of Four, Runner, Avid Golfer, and Advisory Board Member. Executive with 20+ years experience proudly serving the Automotive Industry, including working at the OEM, Vendor, and Retail Dealer levels.  Orlando, FL

Team Members

Dan Jackson

Chief Product Officer

Michael Murphey

Director of Operations

Annika Craig

Sr. Operations Manager

Connie Edge

Client Services Coordinator

Suzanne Motola

Sr. Client Services Coordinator

Dana Damato

Sales and Marketing Operations Coordinator

Meghan Burke

Client Services Coordinator

Brooke Haygood

Office Manager

Emma Pinette

Client Services Coordinator